We are a few weeks into life under Mayor Bowser’s stay-at-home orders and like any experiment, some changes are necessary to continue our purge of COVID-19 from the District of Columbia. As such, Mayor Bowser has issued Executive Order 2020-58 to amend what qualifies as Essential Business and Allowable Recreation Activity in the District of Columbia.

Effective immediately, all Farmers’ and Fish Markets have been deemed non-essential and ordered to close. This is the predictable result of this weekend’s events at the Wharf fish market where large crowds collected despite Mayor Bowser’s stay-at-home orders. However, Mayor Bowser understands that DC residents still need their fresh fish and produce, because what is life without it? The new order allows for Farmers’ and Fish Markets to apply for a waiver for reopening. To obtain a waiver, a market manager must submit a plan to the DC government at [email protected]. This plan must outline how the market plans to operate while still enforcing social distancing laws. For a complete list of what will be needed in this waiver application, make sure to read Section IV of Executive Order 2020-58.

Some changes have also been made to what the city determines to be Allowable Recreational Activity. Playing tennis and golf will no longer be considered allowable activity, and Mayor Bowser has ordered for all DC golf courses to be closed. On the flip side, Mayor Bowser will allow community gardens to be opened, as long as everyone maintains proper social distancing procedures. Please refrain from planting tomatoes on empty golf courses.

The police action on businesses at the Wharf is the first major occurrence of Mayor Bowser’s Social Distancing Laws being enforced in the city, signaling that the city government is not bluffing anymore. For the health and safety of you and your neighbors, please keep following Mayor Bowser’s orders and don’t help the virus spread any further. Scrofano Law PC salutes you for helping to flatten the curve and all that good stuff. Maybe skip fish for a couple weeks too, just a thought.