Firm History


In 2011, founding attorney Joseph Scrofano started Scrofano Law PC with a desire to fight for individual rights in an oppressive criminal justice system. He started out representing indigent clients as part of the District of Columbia Criminal Justice Act.

Mr. Scrofano quickly became known as a tenacious advocate who fought aggressively and kept clients out of jail in seemingly impossible situations. During this time, he worked from home and typically did client meetings by doing home visits.

He litigated hundreds of cases for crimes like DUI’s, hit and runs, solicitation, drugs, guns, assault, and violent felonies.

Early on in his career, Mr. Scrofano recognized the importance of honing your skill and developing as a professional and focused all his effort into strengthening and sharpening his skills as a trial lawyer. In 2013, he moved into full time office space and started marketing his practice through his “No Papered” Blog. He took a client centered approach in advertising by writing informative posts that provided information to folks recently arrested for and scouring the internet for information.

This approach was successful in bringing clients private clients into the door. For the next couple years, Mr. Scrofano would go on to build a thriving private practice. In 2014, he moved into larger office space and began focusing almost exclusive on representing private clients.

Around this time, he met another defense lawyer in the community who shared his values in fighting hard for clients even against impossible odds. Jay Mykytiuk, a former Arlington County Public Defender, began practicing in criminal court in the District of Columbia while working for a small general practice law firm in DC. Eventually, Mr. Mykytiuk left his firm to started JPM Legal. Rather than compete with each other, Mr. Scrofano and Mr. Mykytiuk found ways to collaborate. In fact, Jay would go on to become Of Counsel for Scrofano Law PC in 2015 and representing clients in Norther Virginia criminal cases. Mr. Scrofano got to see firsthand the kind of dedication Jay put in his cases and immediately knew he was someone he wanted to work with.

Around the time, Jay and Joseph began working together, a relatively new criminal defense lawyer was making waves and quickly gaining a strong representation in the criminal defense community. Christopher Mutimer started a solo practice firm, the Law Office of Christopher Mutimer, in 2014 after working for and being mentored by one the top DUI practitioners in DC. Mr. Mutimer quickly became known as a trial lawyer willing to fight for any case. He won his first 11 bench trials in the District of Columbia Superior Court, including a trial over a Bail Reform Act Violation—a significant case in that most defense lawyers do not take BRA’s to trial because the ease the government has in proving someone failed to appear in court. Using ingenuity and creativity, Mr. Mutimer successfully obtained an acquittal for a client charged with a BRA in one of his first trials.

This kind of advocacy caught Mr. Scrofano’s attention. Mr. Mutimer co-chaired a jury trial with Mr. Scrofano that same year. The client was charged with unlawfully possessing a firearm. Despite the fact several police officers testified to watching the defendant throw off a jacket that contained a firearm as he ran from them, the jury hung and the government ultimately decided not to re-file the charges.

In January of 2016, Joseph, Jay, and Christopher decided to merge practices all into Scrofano Law PC. All three attorneys understood that, in any criminal case, the government has all the resources. They have police agencies and offices staffed with prosecutors and paralegals and support staff. The law is usually on their side and so often the public is as well. Despite that, all three attorneys had been getting excellent results for clients. Together, they believed they could pool their resources and efforts to build a thriving law firm.

They chose to work together because they shared the same values: honestly, commitment, and creativity. They chose to work together to build an organization and institution that can level the playing field for individuals accused of crimes. They chose to work together to build a firm they can all be proud of—not an assembly line to walk clients through plea bargaining.

If you or someone you know is charged with a crime or under investigation in DC or Northern Virginia, contact a firm that cares. Contact a firm that will fight for you and not just talk you into pleading guilty. Contact Scrofano Law PC.


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