Social Distancing Law in Virginia


COVID-19 BLOG – Virginia

NoVa’s Phase 2 Reopening Begins June 12

At a news conference on Tuesday afternoon, Governor Northam announced that Northern Virginia will be following the rest of the state into Phase 2 of COVID-19 recovery on Friday, June 12. Phase 2 calls for the reopening of many amenities and businesses that we have...

Virginia Stay-at-Home Order (COVID-19)

I drove from D.C. to Virginia to get a puppy yesterday. What? Well yes, I’m glad you asked, it is the most adorable puppy in puppy history. And it sure does break up the monotony of Corona-quarantining. Be that as it may, my family may have welcomed little Hershey...

COVID-19 VLOG – Virginia

Attorney Gretchen Taylor Pousson on Virginia Stay at Home Order

Attorney Gretchen P. Myktiuk on enforcement of Virginia’s stay-at-home law

Attorney Gretchen Taylor Pousson’s Tips for Helping Your Relationship Survive During Social Distancing