What You Need to Know Before Hiring a DC Prostitution Lawyer


If you are facing prostitution or solicitation charges, our DC prostitution lawyer has what it takes to protect your rights, freedom, and future. 

When You Need a DC Prostitution Lawyer


If you have been accused of soliciting personal relationships with someone in one of the prostitution-free zones, you will require the services of a DC prostitution lawyer. The term “prostitution” means a person has engaged in a sexual act with another for a fee. Unless a police officer was posing as someone soliciting for prostitution, two or more persons could be charged and convicted of the offense. 

It is against the law to solicit for prostitution in Washington, DC. If you are accused of doing so, you should immediately contact a local law firm like Scrofano Law P.C. for a free consultation.


Prostitution Defense Attorney in DC

Your prostitution defense attorney in DC will advise you regarding the court process, which usually involves three or more hearings, including:

  • Arraignment
  • Initial status hearing
  • Final status hearing (also referred to as the trial)

The arraignment is held in the DC Superior Court. During this hearing, the defendant is informed of the charges and allowed to enter their plea. If they haven’t already retained counsel, the court will encourage them to do so.

The initial status hearing is usually three or four weeks after the arraignment. The defense and the prosecution lawyers will decide whether to schedule the final status hearing or take a diversion program path.

Best DC Prostitution Lawyer 


The best DC prostitution lawyer is familiar with the District law explaining the criminal offense you are charged with and how to create a winning defense. Washington, DC is considered a prostitution-free zone, and as such, the penalties for illegal sexual contact are severe.

In DC, the maximum penalties for prostitution are as follows:

  • First offense receives no more than 90 days imprisonment and/or a $500 fine.
  • Second offense receives up to 135 days imprisonment and/or a $750 fine.
  • Subsequent offenses receive no more than 180 days imprisonment and/or a $1000 fine.

The person may receive a suspended sentence with probation rather than incarceration. They may also be ordered to submit to mental health or medical treatment and to stay away from the area where their offense happened.


Choosing a Top-Rated Prostitution Attorney

Although sexual solicitation and prostitution is usually prosecuted as a minor offense, you still want a top-rated prostitution attorney to increase the likelihood you see no actual jail time, especially if you have prior convictions. First-time offenders are often offered diversion programs consisting of community service to dismiss their charges.

Engaging in sexual favors for a fee is usually prosecuted as a misdemeanor. Even when the defendant pleads guilty, they will often receive a “suspended” sentence unless they fail to complete the conditions of their probation.

How to Hire a Prostitution Lawyer in the DC Area


If you have been arrested for misconduct in a prostitution-free zone, you need to know how to hire a prostitution lawyer. Technically, you have the right to offer your own defense. This is nearly always a bad idea, and the courts will actively encourage you to hire a professional to represent you. 

With high stakes, including the social stigma of a criminal record for prostitution, if you cannot afford an attorney, you will receive a court-appointed one to help with your case.

When possible, you should strive to secure the services of a professional attorney yourself. Rather than an overworked and underpaid public defender, your legal counselor will focus their attention on your case and offer superior advice and advocacy. Scrofano Law P.C. is skilled at negotiating with prosecutors, as well as taking a case to trial.


Qualities of a Good Lawyer to Represent Prostitute

The qualities of a good lawyer to represent an alleged prostitute include having a thorough understanding of the law and possessing good communication skills and empathy. A strong DC criminal lawyer understands the personal ramifications their client faces if they are convicted of the prostitution charge.

Since people are usually arrested during a “sting” operation, many believe that an entrapment defense is the easiest way to clear their prostitution case. Unfortunately, that is generally not as easy as they believe. 

A police officer posing as a prostitute offers sexual favors to another. If a discussion of exchanging a fee for the unlawful act occurs, other members of the Metropolitan Police Department swoop in to arrest the person for engaging in prostitution.

Although the entrapment defense is rarely successful, DC criminal defense lawyers can explain what evidence will help the defendants avoid misdemeanor sex crimes. Before you plead guilty to a sex violation, contact Scrofano Law for a free consultation.

Outcomes of Working With a Prostitution Attorney in DC


The best factors to consider in a prostitution attorney in DC include how many clients they have helped and whether their charges were dropped or reduced. 

Another option a DC prostitution attorney may recommend for first-time offenders is a “diversion” program. For those who pass a drug test, the Deferred Prosecution Agreement (D.P.A.) program will dismiss the charges of anyone who completes 32 hours of approved community service within four months.

For those unable to pass a drug test or are otherwise ineligible for a D.P.A., a Deferred Sentencing Agreement (D.S.A.) might be an option. It consists of a voluntary agreement between the defendant and the government. The defendant pleads guilty and waives the right to a trial. Instead, they complete certain conditions that, upon completion, result in the withdrawal of the guilty plea and the dismissal of the charges. If they fail to complete the conditions, they are sentenced for the crime.

Participation in a D.P.A. or D.S.A. is at the Office of the U.S. Attorney’s discretion. A Washington DC law firm can help you minimize the penalties for a prostitution-related offense.

Understanding DC Prostitution Laws


To better understand the DC prostitution laws, review these ​​prostitution FAQs provided by Scrofano Law. 

Suppose you are arrested for a criminal charge in Washington DC. In that case, you will have a criminal record, whether it is merely an FBI database entry or a publicly accessible permanent criminal record. Being accused of performing sexual services in a public space has a social stigma that may make it difficult for you to get specific jobs. A DC criminal lawyer can help.

Avoiding arrest is one way to ensure you don’t have a criminal record, but being exonerated is another. If the Metropolitan Police Department has arrested you for illegal sexual contact, you should immediately contact a DC prostitution attorney to help with your case.

If you have been charged with prostitution-related offenses and wish to avoid a prostitution conviction, contact Scrofano Law P.C. for a free consultation and case evaluation. They will explain your options and plan a defense to hopefully avoid the most severe penalties and social stigma involved in the process.


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