DC Criminal Law Practice Areas


DC DUI Lawyer

At Scrofano Law PC, we provide aggressive DUI defense in all cases. Driving under the influence (or “DUI”) is one of the most common criminal offenses committed and it has some of the worst consequences for those convicted. It is the only misdemeanor in the District of Columbia that carries a maximum…


DC Gun Lawyer

The District of Columbia has some of the strictest gun laws in the country. Unfortunately, many law abiding citizens with no criminal records get swept up in DC’s ridiculous gun laws. A common scenario involves out of state residents getting pulled over for a minor traffic offense. Most crime…

DC Solicitation1

DC Solicitation Lawyer

Sexual solicitation and solicitation of prostitution are both misdemeanor crimes. This is some in the District of Columbia. These are crimes that police enforce aggressively, prosecutors care little about prosecuting, and judges typically sentence lightly. They both carry a maximum penalty of 90 days in!…

DC Hit and Run

DC Hit & Run Lawyer

The actual name of the hit and run crime in DC is leaving after colliding (or “LAC”). There are two types of LAC crimes in DC. First, LAC-property damage is where someone leaves the scene of a collision that resulted in only damage to property. The second is LAC-personal injury. That is the same crime plus…

ABC violations

DC Fake ID Lawyer

There are two crimes that typically involve underage drinking in the District of Columbia. First, misrepresentation of age is where someone under the age of 21 gets arrested for using a fake ID card. These arrests typically occur in bars and liquor stores in areas known by law enforcement…

criminal traffic

DC Traffic Lawyer

While driving under the influence (“DUI”) and leaving after colliding cases (“LAC”) are common charges filed in traffic court in the District of Columbia, several other traffic crimes constitute arrestable offenses. Driving without a valid permit can give rise to two potential charges. The…


DC Expungement Lawyer

The District of Columbia Records Sealing Act governs how individuals can request that the Court expunge or seal their criminal records. Unfortunately, the law itself has many rules that don’t make it easy for folks to get their arrest records. The first thing to consider is wheth…

Other criminal charges

DC Assault Lawyer

Scrofano Law PC defends all types of criminal case, including violent offenses, sex offenses, domestic violent offenses, and criminal appeals. Typical violent offenses typically include crimes like simple assault, assault on a police officer, threats, assault with a dangerous weapon, assua…

federal criminal

DC CPO Lawyer

A civil protection order (“CPO”) in the District of Columbia is a court order for one person to stay away from another for a period of one year. Its basically akin to what many call a “restraining order.” In a DC CPO case, the person who files the case is called the “petitioner” and the person the case is filed against is the “respondent.”


DC Drug Lawyer

In the District of Columbia, drug charges can range from misdemeanor to felony based on a variety of circumstances. Unlike many jurisdiction, however, the District of Columbia court system tends to treat drug possession with the goal and focus on treatment rather…


DC Fraud Lawyer

In the District of Columbia, the United States Attorney’s Office for the District of Columbia prosecutes fraud and other theft offenses in the Superior Court. There are several types of fraud and theft offenses and often the penalty depends on the total value of the goods or services fraudulently obtained.

unlawful entry

DC Unlawful Entry Lawyer

In the District of Columbia, there is no crime called “trespass” or “breaking and entering” like many jurisdictions. The most similar crime is called “Unlawful Entry” or UE for short. Someone can get arrested in DC for unlawful entry for a variety of reasons. Unlawful entry is actually broader than…