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In the criminal “justice” system, the government is not your friend.  The prosecutors will not look out for you.  They will not safeguard your rights.  They will not throw out your case because of lack of evidence or even when they have evidence that someone else did the crime.

The police will lie to you.  In fact, it is their job to lie to you.  If they have any reason to arrest you, they will do it.  Anyone anywhere at any time in this country can be arrested and prosecuted.

Those out there who think it can’t happen to them are flat wrong. Anyone who has found themselves with the weight of the system coming down on them knows exactly what I am talking about.

The government will not do what’s right unless forced to. The government will never admit when it is wrong. You are dealing with people whose job it is to make arrests and secure convictions. Nothing else. Period.

If you or a loved one find yourself under investigation or charged with a crime, you need someone who will act as a tireless advocate on your behalf. Someone not afraid to challenge the government and fight to protect your rights by any means necessary.

At Scrofano Law PC, we believe in three simple principles.

Honesty. We are always honest to our clients. We will never force or manipulate you to plead guilty or try to convince you to do something that is not in your interest. We work on flat fees and if it takes 1,000 hours to get the right result then so be it—regardless of the firm’s bottom line. We will always be straight with you about your case.

Commitment. We are 110 percent committed to your case. We communicate with you every step of the way. We are accessible by phone, email, and even text message. Because we are committed to your case, this is not a 9-5 job. If you have a warrant, we will go with you to the police station to turn yourself in at 6 in the morning and take your call on a Sunday night. We are committed to you and your case every step of the way.

Creativity. At Scrofano Law, we think outside the box. We will leave no stone unturned in trying to come up with a course of action to get you the best possible result. While many cases exhibit patterns, we look at each case specific to the client’s needs and the facts of the situation. We independently evaluate different plans of attack and come up with the right approach for your situation. You will not get boilerplate legal services here.

Like I said, the government will not just do what’s right on its own. The prosecutors will not offer a better plea deal unless they have problems in their case. It takes a favorable ruling from a judge on pretrial issue to get the government to soften its position. It takes making the individual prosecutor’s workload on a case basically unbearable for them to crack. They will not do it for any other reason. At Scrofano Law, we practice defense by attrition.

The so-called criminal justice system is rigged against you. The minute you get taken into that police station or walk into that courtroom, the deck is stacked in the government’s favor. If you or someone you know is arrested or under investigation, contact Scrofano Law PC immediately to level the playing field.


We Fight for Your Rights!