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Joseph A. Scrofano

A passionate trial lawyer who will aggressively fight for your rights in a DC criminal case.

Jay P. Mykytiuk

A tough trial lawyer and skilled negotiator with significant experience in Northern Virginia and DC criminal and traffic cases.

Christopher J. Mutimer

A dedicated criminal defense trial attorney who has worked with hundreds of clients involving various misdemeanor and felony offenses.

Morgan E. Leigh

Her experience as a public defender helped her learn and navigate the ins and outs of the Maryland criminal justice system.

Scrofano Law PC is a premiere criminal, cannabis, and DUI defense firm that represents clients in the District of Columbia, Southern Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

Founded in 2010, by Managing Partner Joseph A. Scrofano, the firm believes in three core principles: honesty, commitment, and creativity.

Our unique approach to criminal defense involves providing the highest quality legal representation simultaneously with the highest quality customer service.

We exclusively focus on criminal defense and have experience representing clients throughout the DMV area, including Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Montgomery County, Prince George’s County, and the District of Columbia.

Choosing an experienced criminal and DUI defense lawyer is the most important decision you can make after getting arrested.


DC DUI Lawyer

At Scrofano Law PC, we provide relentless DUI defense on behalf of clients charged in the District of Columbia. Whether it’s a first, second, or greater offense or combined with any other traffic offense, like a hit-and-run, we take great care to listen to our client’s needs and focus on a strategy to help them get through the situation. We represent them at the DMV to protect their license and relentlessly advocate for them in court. When faced with loss of license or loss of liberty, let Scrofano Law PC fight for you in Superior Court.

DC Criminal Lawyer

Getting arrested for a criminal offense in the District of Columbia can be an incredibly worrying and stressful event in anyone’s life. Attorney Christopher J. Mutimer leads our DC criminal defense practice and is a passionate attorney who makes his clients feel confident and comfortable. Whether it’s a serious felony offense involving guns or drugs or a misdemeanor assault or solicitation case, Scrofano Law PC has a team of Washington, DC criminal defense lawyers to represent you.

Virginia DWI Lawyer

The Commonwealth of Virginia aggressively enforces and prosecutes DWI and other traffic cases. Enhanced penalties can apply for second and greater offenses. Refusing to take the breathalyzer test is also an additional charge where the driver refuses to blow. A DWI conviction in Virginia will result in an automatic license suspension. For folks with commercial driver’s licenses (or “CDLs”), this can be absolutely devasting. Working with Scrofano Law PC will ensure you understand what to expect throughout the process and have a dedicated Virginia DWI lawyer at your side.

Virginia Criminal Lawyer

When faced with an arrest or investigation for a criminal charge in Virginia, Attorney Jay P. Mykytiuk is a tireless advocate who will has experience representing clients throughout Northern Virginia in both District and Circuit Courts. Mr. Mykytiuk leads the firm’s Virginia practice group and has the right experience whether the charge is an assault, larceny, reckless driving, or a serious felony case. If you are arrested or under investigation in Arlington, Alexandria, or Fairfax, contact Scrofano Law PC. Attorney Mykytiuk has the knowledge and experience to help you navigate this difficult process.

Maryland DUI Lawyer

Getting arrested for DUI and/or DWI can be an extremely difficult event for the accused and often their family members as well. Maryland DUI laws can impose mandatory minimum sentence and the Maryland MVA will often revoke driver’s license even for an arrest. Police will also make arrests when they suspect drivers are under the influence of drugs including marijuana. Often times a DUI or DWI arrest can lead to additional charges in Maryland for other traffic offenses as well as gun or drug charges when the driver may have contraband in the vehicle.

Maryland Criminal Lawyer

Attorney Morgan E. Leigh heads up the firm’s Maryland practice. Whether the charge involves solicitation, domestic violence, first- or second-degree assault, theft, or prostitution. Attorney Leigh will help you navigate the complicated criminal justice system in Montgomery and Prince George’s County. Whether arrested in Rockville, Gaithersburg, Bethesda, Silver Spring, Hyattsville, College Park, or surrounding areas, contact Scrofano Law PC where you will find a team eager and ready to help you in this difficult time.

There are many criminal defense law firms to choose from. Often time, when someone is arrested, they want to know who the best criminal defense lawyer is or who is the best DUI defense lawyer.

While there is no real way to judge who the best is, its important to find a firm that will be honest with you and keep you informed every step of the way. Having an attorney who communicates with you throughout the process can help ease your anxiety and focus on what matters: putting your life back together.

At Scrofano Law PC, we have experience defending criminal charges ranging from domestic violence offenses, gun and drug offenses, sex offenses, solicitation and prostitution as well as federal criminal defense cases.

Whether you are charged with a violent felony or a theft or fraud type offense, you will discover a team of attorneys at Scrofano Law PC ready to defend your rights. In addition, we have experience both prosecuting and defending petitions for Temporary Protection Orders (TPOs) and Civil Protection Orders.


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