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What Is a Whistleblower?


A whistleblower is someone who reports illegal or unethical behavior within their company. This could be anything from fraud to bribery to corruption.

In some instances, the whistleblower is an employee who reports the misconduct to their superiors. In other cases, the whistleblower may be a third-party, such as a vendor or supplier.

Regardless of who the whistleblower is, their goal is always the same–to stop the misconduct and ensure that justice is served.

Whistleblower Attorney Washington DC

Suppose you’ve found yourself in a situation where you are receiving allegations of corporate fraud and misconduct. In that case, it can be confusing and overwhelming, and you may be unsure where to turn.

As a result, most often than not, you are left wondering what steps to take. That changes now. The whistleblower attorneys at Scrofano Law, PC, can help you.

When you come to us, we will evaluate your claim to see if it is valid and has merit. If it does, we will then work tirelessly to help you build a strong case and protect your rights.

How Can a Top Whistleblower Attorney Help Those Accused of Wrongdoing


Being on the receiving end of a whistleblower claim is not easy. It involves a lot of hard work and time, along with courage.

The whistleblower can be your employee, former employee, or contractor. If the allegations are proven true, you will be required to compensate the whistleblower financially.

The whistleblower can choose to bring the allegations against you first. In some cases, however, they may also go directly to the media or government enforcement agencies like the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission).

Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act protects individuals from retaliation by employers for reporting fraud or fraudulent behavior. Whistleblower retaliation can include firing an employee or taking any other adverse action against an employee who decided to report fraud or misconduct.

These actions may include demoting such employees, denying overtime or benefits, intimidation, and even mocking. Remember that reassignment to a less desirable position or, for example, excluding an employee from training meetings that can affect prospects for promotion can also turn into a retaliation case.

However, a particular class of whistleblower attorneys represents the accused pursuing the claims to clear their names under the Federal and State False Claims Acts or other whistleblower laws.

The attorney for your case should have significant experience representing whistleblowers in handling cases involving fraud on behalf of those facing the accusations.


Best Washington DC Whistleblower Attorneys

At Scrofano Law, our Washington, DC, whistleblower attorneys are well-versed in the intricacies of federal and district whistleblower laws.

As experienced white-collar crime attorneys, they fight for those accused to clear their names. When you turn to our firm, our Washington DC whistleblower attorneys will wage a solid defense on your behalf to increase your odds of winning a case against false claims.

When you are accused of defrauding the government or another entity, you must retain an experienced Washington DC whistleblower lawyer who can represent you in court. An experienced Washington DC fraud attorney will help you protect your rights and ensure that you have a strong defense against the charges made against you.

The government aggressively pursues individuals and companies for fraud charges and prosecution. To avoid being unjustly prosecuted by an aggressive government prosecutor, you must seek legal counsel immediately.

How to Get a Good Whistleblower Lawyer


You are innocent until proven guilty when you are facing an accusation. That is why it is vital to get the help of an experienced whistleblower lawyer as early as possible. The last thing anybody wants to do is face a criminal investigation and spend hours in an interrogation room. So why would you wait until it’s too late?

Trying to handle this on your own can be a big mistake, especially when the stakes are this high. Getting the help of a reasonable whistleblower attorney is one of the best ways to protect yourself against false accusations. The sooner you have someone fighting for you, the better your chances of avoiding a conviction or even being arrested in the first place.


Qualities of Skilled Whistleblower Lawyers


Choosing a whistleblower legal representative can be tricky. You want a lawyer who will work with you and fight hard to protect your rights, but what other characteristics should you look for?

The right whistleblower attorney will have some of these qualities, among others:

Experience in the Field

A good lawyer has experience representing people facing claims of misconduct by whistleblowers. They should have an extensive track record of successfully defending their clients against whistleblower claims.

Understanding of DC Criminal Law

Because whistleblower cases often involve accusations of criminal offenses, your attorney should be well-versed in the criminal laws of DC and the federal government.


You should feel comfortable discussing your case with your lawyer. Opening up about your concerns is vital for developing a solid defense against the whistleblower case, which is why a strong attorney-client relationship is critical.

DC Whistleblower Law


If you are charged with wrongdoing following a whistleblower claim, contact an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. An attorney can give you personalized advice based on the specifics of your situation.

There are many kinds of criminal charges, which fall under a broad umbrella called the Criminal Code. The DC False Claims Act is derived from the federal False Claims Act, but it is more restrictive than the original.

The False Claims Act imposes liability on individuals and companies who knowingly defraud government contracts. Whistleblowers initiated the majority of the False Claims Act actions. In some cases, a whistleblower may be eligible for a whistleblower reward.


Important Laws in Whistleblowers Cases

Other pertinent laws that may come into play in your whistleblower case in DC criminal court include:

  • Washington DC Whistleblower Protection Act: This law prohibits an employer from whistleblower retaliation against an employee who discloses information relating to fraud, waste, abuse, or illegal conduct within their organization.
  • Public Servants Discrimination Protection Act prohibits discrimination based on political affiliation and whistleblowing activities.
  • Lobbying Disclosure Act: Under this law, individuals cannot be fired from their job because they register as lobbyists with the government.

It can be challenging to figure out what to do if you are accused of engaging in illegal activity. The laws for DC whistleblowing are complex, but the most important thing is to know how to protect yourself.

The stakes are high in whistleblower cases, so you should consult with an attorney before making any decisions. An experienced DC attorney will be able to help you sort out your legal options and get you the best possible outcome for your case.



Washington DC Whistleblower Law Firm

The first and most crucial step towards receiving justice is to hire a great Washington, DC, whistleblower legal counsel. Don’t hesitate to contact our Washington, DC, whistleblower lawyers to discuss your legal options.

If the investigation shows that a whistleblower is lying and that they acted in bad faith by deliberately making false claims, the employer may take disciplinary action against the employee.

Scrofano Law PC is a respected whistleblower criminal defense law firm. Our attorneys represent individuals and corporate entities accused of public-sector fraud, white-collar crime, financial deceit, public corruption, organized crime, and international law violation.

If you have been the subject of a whistleblower claim in the District of Columbia, contact us for a free consultation today.


Understanding the Whistleblower Legal Framework


The legal process for whistleblowers can be complex and intimidating. Initially, the whistleblower must file a complaint with the appropriate government agency, detailing the alleged unlawful activities.

This triggers an investigation, which is often confidential, to verify the validity of the claims. If the agency finds sufficient evidence, it may take enforcement action or allow the whistleblower to file a lawsuit in federal court.

Throughout this process, the whistleblower’s identity is protected under federal law to prevent retaliation. Statistically, successful whistleblower cases not only stop wrongful practices but also reward the whistleblower with a portion of the recovered damages, incentivizing others to report violations.

Engaging a skilled whistleblower attorney early can significantly enhance the effectiveness and security of navigating this challenging legal landscape.


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